The Best Sealcoating in NJ

Seal of Approval Sealcoating provides asphalt, pavement and blacktop sealing in New Jersey. We use only 100 percent coal tar emulsion from SealMaster, which is the very best. We are certified professional applicators of SealMaster products and have been sealing since 1999.

We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our customers over the years. Seal of Approval Sealcoating is a family operated business that has sealed thousands of driveways and parking lots in New Jersey with the perfect seal every time.

Our sealing process involves two steps:

  1. We apply the product by hand around any sensitive areas (garage doors, belgian blocks, etc.) and
  2. Using blocker boards we heavy machine spray down the middle of the driveway. Because of this process the amount of sealer we can put down on the pavement is second to none. You will be left with a beautiful, consistent finish without brush marks.
Seal of Approval is fully licensed and insured. If you would like a FREE ESTIMATE for sealcoating your driveway or parking lot in our NJ coverage area, please click on our QUICK QUOTE link or simply call us.