Why Seal of Approval?

High Performance Products

We take our products very seriously. Not all materials compare to the high quality commercial grade materials used by Seal of Approval. We use 100 percent coal tar emulsion, considered amongst professionals in the industry to be the very best. We also add top grade products, such as Black Beauty Sand for traction, and add latexes for increased durability and quicker dryer times. All of our materials are fully agitated in special holding tanks ensuring a perfectly consistent application every time.


Our pricing structure is quoted on an individual basis and depends uniquely upon the condition of the pavement being inspected. There are no hidden charges. We provide a detailed proposal that includes a breakdown of all costs. Customers have told us that Seal of Approval offers the best pricing in the area.

Local, Personal Service

Seal of Approval operates out of two equipment facilities, which are located in Wayne and Scotch Plains. Having two locations has ensured our customers prompt and cost-effective service.

Fully Insured and Licensed

We are a licensed contractor in the state of New Jersey.  Our license number is 13VH03632300. We carry Business Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. All our vehicles and equipment are insured, as well.

Machine Spray Sealcoating is Superior to Brushing Hands Down!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Spraying is the method most often used by professional sealcoat contractors. Anyone with a brush and a bucket can call themselves a sealing contractor. It takes years of experience to learn the correct way to spray asphalt, as well as use the proper equipment. That is why most “door to door” sealcoaters stick with a brush. When a contractor advertises “hand applied,” it is usually from lack of knowledge and lack of equipment.

  2. Spraying leaves no unsightly brush marks. The only time in our process that we use brushes is to cut in areas near sensitive areas, like garage doors and Belgium block. We use blocker boards on other sensitive areas to stop any sealer overspray. Brushing not only leaves marks throughout the driveway, but these marks will become even more pronounced as the sealer fades.

  3. Spraying will NOT reduce traction on the asphalt. Unlike brushing where the product is pushed and pulled leaving too little sand in some areas and too much in others, our process ensures complete and evenly applied sand and sealer to the asphalt surface. You should be aware of this especially if your driveway is on a hill or slope.

  4. Spray Sealcoating allows for a completely consistent application. Just like with sand, brushing sealer often leaves too little or too much product on asphalt surfaces. Since asphalt surfaces contain areas that are uneven, brushing will deposit too much sealer in shallow areas. This will lead to problems with the product drying. Conversely, brushing higher areas leads to pulling off too much sealer as the brush meets resistance. When you spray sealer, you do not encounter these problems. Sealer is sprayed evenly, allowing for a more complete and even application.

  5. Commercial properties are sealed using the spray method-so should your driveway. Property managers know the benefits to using this spray method. They demand the best method of applying sealer to have it hold up to the rigors of continuous traffic. That is why you will find that 99 percent of parking lots and roadways are sprayed. A heavy machine spray penetrates the pores within the asphalt, leaving a thicker, longer lasting seal than brushing.